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Thank you for your interest in expanding AITopics.

If you know of a web page, video or audio clip relevant to artificial intelligence that you feel others would benefit from seeing, please submit a link to that site using one of the forms below. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

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What information should I put in the comments?

  • Any additional information that would help other viewers. For example, in the case of video, the versions that are available, the condition of the video, the reasons why it is interesting. Be sure to name the institution making the video.

What should I include in the tags?

  • Terms that will help other viewers find the content (e.g., names of people, places and programs
  • The year of the title so that people can browse for content associated with a particular year
  • The type of content (e.g., Demo, Lecture, Interview)
  • Separate tags with commas and use camel case for phrases (e.g., MachineLearning, NaturalLanguage).

I have a duplicate tape or movie of something that has already been digitized and archived. Should I discard it?

  • No. Send it to us if you don't want it. Your copy may be in better physical condition than the one that is archived and a library may well want to replace their copy with yours.

Are both the video and descriptions of submissions and changes monitored to screen out offensive material?

  • Yes, new submissions and changes are reviewed by members of the editorial board. However, the integrity of the site depends on the cooperation of the whole AI community. See the Policies page for more information.
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