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AAAI Press Room

Resources include news releases, background information, and press briefings.

AI Magazine's Calendar of Events

Artificial Intelligence Conferences. Wikipedia.

Data Mining Competitions. From KDnuggets.

Events & Conferences. A collection of links from the Open Directory Project.

High School Programming Contests. From ACM's collection of Student Competitions.

The Loebner Prize. "$100,000 and a Gold Medal for the first computer whose responses were indistinguishable from a human's."

Robot Competition Links. From Robot

What AI competitions exist ? FAQ 1-20 from Ric Crabbe and Amit Dubney.


Statistics on AI, generally, Career/Employment, E-Commerce, Marketing & Customer Relations, Robotics

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The AI Effect
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"Every time we figure out a piece of it, it stops being magical; we say, Oh, that's just a computation."
- Rodney Brooks

"As soon as someone gets a computer to do it, people say: 'That's not what we meant by intelligence.' People subconsciously are trying to preserve for themselves some special role in the universe."
- Michael Kearns

The AI Effect: "The great practical benefits of AI applications and even the existence of AI in many software products go largely unnoticed by many despite the already widespread use of AI techniques in software. This is the AI effect. Many marketing people don't use the term 'artificial intelligence' even when their company's products rely on some AI techniques. Why not?" See what Stottler Henke Associates has to say by reading the rest of the entry for the "AI Effect" in their AI Glossary.

Visit THE AI Effect page for the complete collection of resources.

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