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We encourage AAAI members to edit pages within the entire AITopics site to keep the information here current.

  • If you are an editor, simply click on the Edit link found at the top of any page. For basic instruction for editing Wiki pages, see the information at the bottom of the edit page.
  • To become an editor, send a message to
  • If you don't want to edit the Wiki page yourself or if you are not a member of AAAI:

For Videos: Click on Submit New Video (here or in the sidebar) to send information about videos of interest to the AI community. Please add comments on either the content or the quality of any video, whether it is new or not. We particularly would like to know about segments that are especially interesting to others in AI.

When Adding Tags to a Page: Please include (a) major heading (from sidebar), (b) date, (c) first letter of title, (d) type of material [lecture, demo, interview, TVshow, book, article, news story, transcript], and (e) any other tags not mentioned in the title or description that will be useful to others. For example:

    (:tags robots, domo, edsinger, humanoid, MIT, CSAIL, D, demo, 2007 :)
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