Video Title: Singularity Summit 2007 Keynote Speaker - Rodney Books: The Singularity, A Period Not An Event
Description: "Whatever writes future history will look back at what we are calling the singularity not as a single event but as a period of time. The singularity period will encompass a time where a collection of technologies were invented, developed, and deployed in fits and starts, driven not by the imperative of the singularity itself, but by the normal economic and sociological pressures of human affairs. A Hollywood treatment of the singularity would have a world just like today's, plus the singularity, as a singular event. In reality, the world will be changing continuously due to rapid growth in technologies that are both related and unrelated to the singularity itself. The future will be embedded in a different world than the one we inhabit. And the AI systems we create will not have the same desires, beliefs, and goals as today-us. Tomorrow-us will be much better equipped for the changes that will take place in our world. This talk will explore how things might unfold and how we will transform ourselves along the way."
Date of Video: September 8, 2007
Color. Sound. Length (min:sec): 47:05.
Copyright Info: Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence
Interesting Clips:
  • 04:02 Hollywood's vision of the future
  • 15:28 iRobot's robots (including Roomba & PackBot, all programmed in LISP)
  • 18:51 MIT robots (including Kismet and Domo)
  • 28:50 comparison of Stanford AI Lab's "Stanford Cart" (1979) to their 2005 autonomous vehicle
  • 38:48 Q&A
  • 44:40 ethical issues regarding combat robots
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Contributor: Jon Glick
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