Video Title: AGIRI 2006 Workshop Keynote Speaker: Dr. Stan Franklin [Dir. Institute for Intelligent Systems, University of Memphis] - A Cognitive Theory of Everything: The LIDA Technology as an Artificial General Intelligence
Description: "Implementing and fleshing out a number of psychological and neuroscience theories of cognition, the LIDA conceptual model aims at being a cognitive 'theory of everything.' With modules or processes for perception, working memory, episodic memories, 'consciousness,' procedural memory, action selection, perceptual learning, episodic learning, deliberation, volition, and non-routine problem solving, the LIDA model is ideally suited to provide a working ontology that would allow for the discussion, design, and comparison of AGI systems. The LIDA technology is based on the LIDA cognitive cycle, a sort of 'cognitive atom.' The more elementary cognitive modules play a role in each cognitive cycle. Higher-level processes are performed over multiple cycles. This talk will give a quick overview of the LIDA conceptual model, and its underlying computational technology."
Date of Video: May 20, 2006
Color. Sound. Length (min:sec): 38:05.
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Interesting Clips:
  • 2:13 What is general intelligence?
  • 3:09 What is an autonomous agent?
  • 5:00 defines "cognition"
  • 12:15 IDA & LIDA and US Navy application
  • 15:53 defines "cognitive atom"
  • 31:40 What must an AGI agent be able to do?
  • 35:00 trends in direction of AGI such as developmental robotics and cognitive computing
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AAAI-06 Special Track on Integrated Intelligent Capabilities mentioned at 37:14

Contributor: Jon Glick
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