Video Title: ArsDigita University Curriculum - The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs course: Holly Yanco's lecture about Data Structures [Trees, Trees, Trees]

This is lecture video #8 (of 19) for the course.'''

Description: The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs course: "An introduction to programming and the power of abstraction, using Abelson and Sussman's classic textbook of the same name. Key concepts include: building abstractions, computational processes, higher-order procedures, compound data, data abstractions, controlling interactions, generic operations, self-describing data, message passing, streams and infinite data structures, meta-linguistic abstraction, interpretation of programming languages, machine model, compilation, and embedded languages."

ArsDigita University Curriculum: "The curriculum was modeled on the undergraduate CS program at MIT. Several of the courses were straightforward adoptions of MIT courses. A few were specifically designed for the program, which was roughly in line with the ACM's 2001 Model Curricula for Computing."

"Holly Yanco. Instructor for 'Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs'. Yanco was the recipient of the Frederick C. Hennie III Teaching Award for her work in teaching this course at MIT while studying for her PhD in computer science (June 2000)." [She is now an Associate Professor at the University of Massachusetts Lowell (2007).]

Date of Video: October 12, 2000
Color. Sound. Length (min:sec): 69:10.
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  • Released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.
Interesting Clips:
  • 38:00 explanation of depth-first traversal and breadth-first traversal
Location of Original: ADU? Note: DVD available, see

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The textbook for the course, Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs [by Harold Abelson and Gerald Jay Sussman, with Julie Sussman, MIT Press]

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Handout for this lecture

Contributor: Jon Glick
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