Video Title: CSE Colloquia 2001 - Reasoning with Cause and Effect. Speaker: Judea Pearl, University of California, Los Angeles.
Description: "This talk [given by Judea Pearl, University of California, Los Angeles] summarizes concepts, principles, and inference tools that are useful in modeling aspects of causal reasoning. The principles are based on structural-model semantics, in which modifiable functional relationships, representing autonomous physical processes are the fundamental building blocks." Questions from the audience follow the talk.
Date of Video: October 4, 2001
Color. Sound. Length (min:sec): 50:43.
Copyright Info: University of Washington
Interesting Clips:
  • 3:23 outline of talk
  • 4:16 Hume's Legacy
  • 5:03 The Two Riddles of Causation
  • 9:24 The Basic Principles
  • 10:28 causal models
  • 30:30 Applications
  • 35:40 Rules of Causal Calculus
  • 40:37 explanation of application #3: Assessing attribution and legal responsibility
  • 43:25 explanation of the "formalizing discrimination" application
  • 44:50 Summary of Principles
Location of Original: University of Washington ?
Comments: Windows Media Player
  • Modem/ISDN (56kbps)
  • DSL/Cable (256kbps+)
  • DSL/Cable (1.5Mbps+)

This video is also available from UWTV

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Contributor: Jon Glick
Collections: WashingtonVideos


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