Video Title: Computer Chronicles: Neural Networks
Description: "Neural networks are artificial intelligence systems modeled after the human brain. This program looks at several examples and applications. Included are Braincel 1.1 from Promised Land Technologies [demonstrated by Murray Ruggiero], BrainMaker Professional 2.0 from California Scientific Software [demonstrated by Mark Lawrence], MacBrain 3.0 from Neurix [demonstrated by Matt Jensen], NeuroSMARTS from Cognition Technology [demonstrated by Richard Mansfield], and ExploreNet from HNC. Also includes visits to NASA [Max Reid describes HONN: Higher Order Neural Network] and Intel [Mark Holler describes ETANN: Electronically Trainable Analog Neural Network] to see the work they're doing on neural networks." Also appearing on the show is Tom J. Schwartz (The Schwartz Assoc.). Hosted by Stewart Cheifet and Jan Lewis.
Date of Video: May 15, 1991
Color. Sound. Length (min:sec): 29:00.
Copyright Info: Produced by KCSM TV, San Mateo. Available from the Internet Archive.
Interesting Clips:
  • 5:50 Lawrence explains some differences between neural networks and expert systems and why they aren't mutually exclusive methodologies
  • 22:00 Schwartz explains the difference between neural networks and normal statistical analysis
  • 23:23 Schwartz talks about neural network systems in actual use
  • Studio Demos
    • 1:40 ExploreNet 3000
    • 6:41 Braincel 1.1
    • 10:53 BrainMaker
    • 16:24 MacBrain 3.0
    • 19:35 NeuroSMARTS
  • Site Visits
    • 3:17 NASA Ames Research Center to see HONN
    • 13:27 Intel to see their neural network chip
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Additional episodes of Computer Chronicles are available from the Internet Archive.

Contributor: Jon Glick
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