Video Title: CSE Colloquia - 2007: Broadening Computer and Robotics Education and Participation for Women
Description: "Women and other underrepresented groups represent a vast amount of untapped human resource potential needed to fuel both industry and academic research needs. Professor Andrew Williams [Spelman College, Atlanta, Georgia] describes a cohesive, integrated approach to increase the participation and education of women and African Americans using innovative robotics and computer curriculum and competitions. Williams provides several examples, including how the all-women Spelman College's SpelBots RoboCup Four-Legged robot soccer team, and the joint Spelman and Carnegie Mellon University NSF-sponsored project, C.A.R.E. [Computer and Robotics Education for African American Students], have inspired young girls to pursue education and research in robotics and artificial intelligence."
Date of Video: November 14, 2006
Color. Sound. Length (min:sec): 56:46.
Copyright Info: University of Washington Computer Science & Engineering, and CNN
Interesting Clips:
  • 1:58 History of Spelman College
  • 3:52 Agenda
  • 4:33 Broadening Participation in Computing [why, who, when, where and how]
  • 19:50 C.A.R.E.
    • 21:46 Camp
    • 23:47 Olympiad
    • 25:15 Robotics using Tekkotsu
  • 30:39 SpelBots: A Case Study
  • 40:19 Strategies for Technology Education [V.E.R.B.: Vision, Expectations, Resources, Belief]
  • 47:40 CNN video report about The SpelBots
  • 50:17 Questions from the audience
Location of Original: ?? UWTV, UW, ResearchChannel

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Contributor: Jon Glick
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