Video Title: The Next Big Thing (Series Two): Machines with Minds
Description: Real moving, interacting robots is one promising direction in artificial intelligence. But what about the original hope of matching human performance, and what has A.I. told us about the human brain? When science of artificial intelligence was launched in the 50s, its goal was to match the intellectual achievements of human beings. Why isn't machine intelligence already far superior to that of people? Chaired by Colin Blakemore [Oxford University], the panel consists of Professor Aaron Sloman (University of Birmingham), Dr Amanda Sharkey (University of Sheffield), and Professor Igor Aleksander (Imperial College).
Date of Video: 2002
Color. Sound. Length (min:sec): 29:10.
Copyright Info: The Open University
Interesting Clips: 2:57 panel addresses the question: What is intelligence?
11:20 discussion of strong AI and weak AI 13:20 panel addresses the question: Can machines be conscious?
20:33 brief clip of Isaac Asimov from 1960's
22:45 discussion of the future of intelligent machines 24:10 discussion of emotions and why intelligent machines need emotions
26:18 panel addresses the question: Do we have a reason to be scared?
Location of Original: ?? The Open University, BBC, Vega Science Trust
Comments: RealPlayer
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Contributor: Jon Glick
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