Video Title: Lighthill Controversy Debate at the Royal Institution with Professor Sir James Lighthill, Professor Donald Michie, Professor Richard Gregory and Professor John McCarthy
Description: Professors Donald Michie [Edinburgh], Richard Gregory [Bristol] and John McCarthy [Stanford] challenge the pessimistic findings & views of Professor Sir James Lighthill [Cambridge], author of "The Lighthill Report" [Artificial Intelligence: A General Survey, in Artificial Intelligence: a paper symposium, Science Research Council (1973)].
Date of Video: June 1973
Color. Sound. Length (min:sec): 81:00.
Copyright Info: BBC
Interesting Clips:

NOTE: all start times are approximate

  • opening segment: video of Shakey (robot)
  • 21:00 Lighthill: "The general purpose robot is a mirage."
  • 24:30 Michie: explains the difference between "research purpose robots" and "general purpose robots"
  • 27:40 video of Freddy (robot)
  • 34:30 Michie: introduces his thesis that AI is a distinct area of science
  • 37:45 McCarthy: defines the term "Artificial Intelligence"
  • 46:00 McCarthy: explains the origin of the term "Artificial Intelligence"
  • 56:00 Gregory: Robot research is making the logical cognitive processes scientifically respectable.
Location of Original: BBC. (AIAI has a DVD.)
Contributor: Jon Glick
Collections: EdinburghVideos


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