Video Title: A panel discussion about Artificial Intelligence
Description: The Charlie Rose Show television broadcast: A panel discussion about the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence with Rodney Brooks of MIT, Eric Horvitz of Microsoft Research and Ron Brachman of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.
Date of Video: December 21, 2004
Color. Sound. Length (min:sec): 25:13.
Copyright Info: Charlie Rose Inc. -- All Rights Reserved 2006
Interesting Clips:

11:34 -> 17:05 Horvitz: I think many passionate researchers in artificial intelligence are fundamentally interested in the question of Who am I? Who are people? What are we? There's a sense of almost astonishment at the prospect that information processing or computation, if you take that perspective, could lead to this. Coupled with that is the possibility of the prospect of creating consciousnesses with computer programs, computing systems some day. It's not talked about very much at formal AI conferences, but it's something that drives some of us in terms of our curiosity and intrigue. I know personally speaking, this has been a core question in the back of my mind, if not the foreground, not on my lips typically, since I've been very young. This is this question about who am I. Rose: ... can we create it? Horvitz: Is it possible - - - is it possible that parts turning upon parts could generate this?
20:30 -> 21:35 Ron Brachman demonstrates a Phraselator

Location of Original: Charlie Rose Inc.
Comments: Also available from Google Video (start at 26:10).
Contributor: Jon Glick
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