Video Title: Robot arm assembles water pump
Description: Late 20th century, 1973, robot arm at the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, SAIL, assemblies an automobile water pump using computer vision.

Shows the hand-eye system assembling a simple pump, using vision to locate the pump body and to check for errors. The parts are assembled and screws inserted, using some special tools designed for the arm. Some titles are included to help explain the film. Richard Paul, Karl Pingle, Bob Bolles, Vic Scheinman, Les Earnest, John McCarthy

Date of Video: 1973
Color. Silent. Length (min:sec): 05:15.
Copyright Info: Unknown
Interesting Clips:
Location of Original: Unknown
Comments: Versions: 64Kb MPEG4 (6 MB), 256Kb MPEG4 (14 MB), MPEG1 (34 MB), MPEG2 (371 MB).
Contributor: Les Earnest


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