Video Title: Hear Here
Description: This film describes the state of the speech recognition project as of Spring, 1969. A discussion of the problems of speech recognition is followed by two realtime demonstrations of the system. The first shows the computer learning to recognize phrases and the second shows how the hand-eye system may be controlled by voice commands. Commands as complicated as 'Pick up the small block in the lower lefthand corner', are recognized and the tasks are carried out by the computer controlled arm. (This copy ends abruptly, Raj Reddy recently said he can provide the missing part, 2006).
Date of Video: Video made in 1969, showing work from 1968.
Color. Sound. Length (min:sec): 10:54.
Copyright Info: Unknown
Interesting Clips:
  • 5:40 (1 min.) real-time performance of the system
  • 6:40 (90 sec.) spoken commands directing the Stanford arm in block-stacking
  • 9:00 (2 min. to abrupt end) example: "pick up every block"
Location of Original: Unknown
Comments: Versions: 64Kb MPEG4 (12 MB), 256Kb MPEG4 (28 MB), MPEG1 (64 MB), MPEG2 (771 MB).
  • Needs a new ending.
  • Good discussion of the difficulties of understanding speech. The "I love you" segments are memorable.
  • Good example of the Stanford arm at work
  • Music at the start sounds like it is from John Chowning's music synthesis program.
Contributor: Les Earnest


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