Bosch Introduces New Autonomous Robotic Lawnmower

We got a tip over the weekend that Bosch is introducing (or, has just introduced) what a press release (machine translated from Swedish) calls the world s first intelligent robot lawn mower, the Bosch Indego. Unfortunately, you do need to install a wire around the edges of your lawn to make sure that the Indego doesn t mow its way out to the street where it could run over some cars or something, but beyond that, it appears to be mostly hands-off. The mower will autonomously avoid gravelly areas, trees, terraces, bends, shrubs, fishponds, sprinklers, lawn gnomes, lawn flamingos, lawn meerkats, lawn UFOs, lawn moai, lawn velociraptors, and lawn zombies, all of which are very important features to those of us who make our lifestyle choices based on Skymall catalogs. If it encounters a new obstacle (like that lawn sumo wrestler you ve always wanted), it ll remember the location to mow later, and then it ll avoid the spot permanently if the obstacle shows up three times in a row.

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