Rational Retention Announces Rational Intelligence Partnership to Improve ...

Rational Retention (RR), a leading developer of retention and e-discovery software, announces today that it has partnered with the academic team of New York Universitys Center for Health Informatics and Bioinformatics and with Discovery Holdings LLC (a technology holding company specializing in Markov Boundary, Causal Graph, Kernel Ridge Regression, Support Vector Machines, and other cutting-edge high-dimensional data classification methods) to dramatically expand and enhance its predictive coding and auto-classification platform in the e-discovery space. Rational Retention and the NYU team of experts will collaborate to deploy Discovery Holdings proprietary, best-in-class machine learning algorithms and analytic protocols to intelligently and automatically code documents in the context of litigation. Last year, Rational Retention announced the release of their hosted review platform, Rational eDiscovery (ReD), which aims to provide the most powerful and cost-effective e-discovery repository in the marketplace.

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