Qbo Robots Now Up for Pre-Order

Yesterday, we showed you a $99 robot research (and fun) platform that you can buy instead of a $400,000 robot research (and fun) platform. In that respect, it s similar to the philosophy behind other robot kits: if you buy a Qbo, you don t have to worry about spending a lot of time and money (maybe most of your time and money) building a robot from scratch that does what Qbo can do. Qbo will be coming in three different flavors: basic, lite, and pro, and here are the differences: Qbo Basic: If you want to customize all of Qbo s guts, Qbo Basic is just a chassis with all the plastic covers and mechanical parts along with HD webcams and a set of controller boards. Qbo Lite: For researchers who want a robot that works out of the box (like all you software types), Qbo Lite includes sensors and computers and comes fully assembled and ready to go.

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