Ford is ready for the autonomous car. Are drivers?

Ford is ready for the autonomous car. There is no technology barrier from going where we are now to the autonomous car, said Jim McBride, a Ford Research and Innovation technical expert who specializes in autonomous vehicle technologies. McBride said Ford has already built research vehicles with high-resolution omnidirectional cameras that can see the road and the cars surroundings far better than any driver with a few mirrors. But while Ford may be ready to take that technological jump, drivers arent quite prepared to take the leap of faith necessary to forfeit complete control of their vehicles to an onboard computer or larger network intelligence, said Mike Kane, the Ford vehicle engineering supervisor for driver assistance technologies.Its not that drivers are adamantly opposed to the concept of a driverless car, Kane said; Ford believes that through the gradual introduction of more automation, drivers will come around to the idea of a car that drives itself.

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