Is Machine Learning v Domain Expertise the wrong question?

About James Taylor: CEO Decision Management Solutions James Taylor is CEO and Principal Consultant at Decision Management Solutions and one of the leading experts in decision management and decisioning technologies. Some decisions are heavily influenced by policy and regulation (deciding if a claim is complete and valid for instance) while others are more heavily influenced by the kind of machine learning insight common in analytics (deciding if the claim is fraudulent might be largely driven by a Neural Network that determines how normal the claim seems to be). We could also ask if there are really any decisions where machine learning or analytics cannot help at all (probably but only because the decision-makers dont have access to data that would help or because they are obliged to follow a precise set of regulations/policies). Or we could ask if there were any decisions that only required know-how that can be derived automatically using machine-learning (probably not, most business decisions involved some policy and regulations that are fixed even if we can replace experience with machine learning).

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