Sebastian Thrun Will Teach You How to Build Your Own Self-Driving Car, For Free

Tweet Last August, Sebastian Thrun, the brains behind Google s self-driving cars and one of the world s top AI experts, offered an online version of Stanford s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence course to absolutely anyone who wanted to take it, for free. It turned out to be just a little bit popular (over 150,000 students enrolled), and now Thrun is offering a new, totally free, seven-week online course called Programming a Robotic Car. You ll need to know a little bit of Python (the programming language, not the reptile), but it s an easy language to learn if you have any sort of programming background, and there are plenty of helpful course materials to check out. I don t know about you, but I m the suspicious type, and when something comes along that sounds too good to be true (like a totally free robotics course taught by some of the smartest guys in the world that s open for anyone to enroll in), I start wondering how they plan to pull that off.

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