Zeno "boy" robot: Let me introduce myself (w/ Video)

( -- Hanson Robotics is showing its new humanoid robot boy that belongs in its Robokind portfolio of robots, a 2012 reincarnation of its earlier cartoonlike Zeno boy but this time more humanoid with an array of gestures and eye movements. Observers note that such smaller cousins will be the way that the company can break into a wider mass market than can presently accommodate the high prices of Hansons high-end robots priced from $8500 to $14,750 and targeted for special robotics and psychology research. This price range represents different models of robots with different capabilities depending on what their research clients needrobots that can move but have expressionless faces, robots with expressive faces that cannot move, or robots that can do both. For those who subscribe to the uncanny theory of human-like robots being disturbingly like their human companions, Hanson thinks otherwise and has founded his companys future on the belief that humanoid robots will increasingly occupy a place in science.

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