Watch This Robot Control a Person's Arm Using Electrodes

Tweet When this robot needs a hand, it borrows yours. In an experiment that opens a new chapter in human-machine interaction, a French research team has demonstrated how a robot can control both its own arm and a person s arm to manipulate objects in a collaborative manner. From a medical point of view, you might want to encourage the person to move more, and that s when the robot can help, by moving the person s arm to reach and hold the glass. The audience at the IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), where the researchers presented their results in September, let out a nervous gasp upon seeing the video of the experiment: In the study, Adorno and his colleagues, Ant nio Padilha Lanari B and Philippe Fraisse, attached four electrodes to the arms of five healthy volunteers test subjects, who were also blindfolded, to avoid visual feedback.

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