Why Allow Customers to Suffer the Consequences from Bad Chat Translations?

SMT, Lionbridge officials explain, has contributed to the growth in machine translation applications in recent years since it can analyze vast amounts of previously translated material, and target-language texts to create what Lionbridge officials say is a real-time translation in a fraction of the time that it takes to produce traditional rules- based translation systems. The way it works, is customer use the Customizer along with customer-supplied translation memories and glossary assets, GeoFluent then translates for each customer by application domain, applying machine-learning methods to analyze your translation memories, glossaries and target- language documents, Lionbridge officials explain, consistent with your terminology and branding. Through this just-inked agreement, the two companies will create Lionbridge GeoFluent for LivePerson Chat, an integrated cloud-based multilingual chat application that enables contact centers and enterprises to gain access to on-demand, quality translation that can take place directly within their eLivePerson chat application.

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