Science council moves to safeguard South Africa's robotics prowess

We suggest that you upgrade to the latest version of any of the following browsers: close notification Since Czech playwright Karel Capek popularised and, indeed, named the concept of the robot in his 1920 science-fiction play, RUR (Rossums Universal Robots) the word is derived from the Czech word robota, which means labour it has exerted a fascination on both the popular and the scientific, and on engineering and technological minds. This was Unimate, developed by the Unimation (Universal Automation) company in the US, which was specifically founded to manufacture robots for industry. (Unimation was later bought by Westinghouse and subsequently sold to the Franco-Swiss Stubli group, which incorporated it into its robotics division; the name Unimation is no longer used. Some have limited learning ability, explains Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) mining robotics project manager Liam Candy .

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