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Webcast of Talks & Panels at ACM Turing Celebration
ACM Turing Centenary Celebration Webcast from the June 15-16, 2012 Turing Award Celebration. Especially noteworthy for AI are the talks from the panel "Human and Machine Intelligence". Also the talks "Turing the Man" and "Exttracting Energy from the Turing Tarpit".

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SciFi Movie "Prometheus" Hits the Theaters
"Ridley Scotts Prometheus arrived in theaters [June 16-17, 2012], and like previous films by the Alien and Blade Runner director, future-world technology plays a big role in the universe his characters inhabit. ...Anyone with an eye on the future when it comes to tech cant help but wonder when well see some of these cinematic creations become a reality, so here are five of our favorite pieces of technology appearing in Prometheus, and how close we are to getting the real thing."

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Is Your Job Robot-Proof?

Sensible article from Forbes (June 7, 2012) posted on AITopics: Is Your Job Robot-Proof?. "America as a whole is not coping well with the economic consequences of the very technologies it has long led in inventing. Planning for the future will require both the government and everyday citizens to much more seriously forecast technological penetration and map their strategies accordingly."

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Early work in AI, in areas such as story understanding and commonsense reasoning, tried to tackle the problem head on, but ultimately failed for three main reasons. First, methods for representing and reasoning with uncertain information were not well understood; second, systems could not be grounded in real experience, without first solving AI-complete problems of vision or language understanding; and third, there were no well-defined, meaningful tasks against which to measure progress.

...we are now at a time when we are well-poised to make serious progress on the goal of building systems that understand human experience. Each of the previous barriers is weakened ... [This problem] will be a driving challenge for work in AI in the years to come, and results from the work will profoundly impact our knowledge of how we live and interact with the world and with each other.

Henry Kautz, "Understanding Human Experience". Position paper for the article, "Artificial Intelligence: The Next Twenty-Five Years", Matthew Stone and Haym Hirsh, editors, AI Magazine, 26(4): Winter 2005, 8597.

Henry Kautz
President of the Association for the
Advancement of Artificial Intelligence

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